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F.M.B. Bumar Hydroma S.A.


The “Bumar Hydroma” company was founded in 1944 in the Lublin province under the name of the State Enterprise of Tractors and Agricultural Machinery. Over time, the company’s coverage has expanded to western areas. In June 1945, a branch in Koszalin and a station in Szczecin were established. A year later, the Koszalin branch moved to Szczecin and adopted the building at Santocka Street, where until now the company’s headquarters is located. On March 15, 1947 – the date considered to be the date of establishment – the move was completed. The Directorate was taken over by Mr. E. Błaszczyński.

In mid-1947, the company was reorganized as a result of which the State Enterprise of Technical Agricultural Service and TOR District Workshops, leading general overhauls of American tractors, were established.

In 1948, the company already had basic departments such as dismantling, car-washing, machining, and a chassis department. From 1951, the production of spare parts for tractors and agricultural machines, parts of trailers for the Junak Motorcycle Factory and steering machines and trawl lifts for the Szczecin Shipyard began. In the following years, the scope of cooperation expanded. The company manufactured tar pumps, scoop devices, oil pumps and elements of paper machines and refrigeration equipment (presses, fans).

In 1959, the plant was manufactured as part of the Union of Construction Industry Industries as the Factory of Construction Equipment “Hydroma” – manufacturer of hydraulic components: multi-piston, axial and double-acting cylinders.

In connection with the new production, there was a need to create a Construction Office. Already in 1960, the first prototypes of pumps with constant performance were started. In 1960, the design of the HDS-1 hydraulic truck crane was started, the prototype of which was exhibited at the Poznań Fair. In the following years, the importers of cranes were: Yugoslavia, England, East Germany, India, Hungary. Similarly to the HDS-3 crane produced later – the first one obtained the “1” quality mark.

In 1974, in order to optimize the production of hydraulic pumps and cylinders, the production of cranes was transferred to the FUB in Toruń. In this same year, the plant was incorporated into the “Bumar” Construction Machinery Combine with Warszawskie Zakładów Budowlanych Maszyn Budowlanych im. L. Waryński as the leading company.

The years 1970-76 were a period of large investments. A factory school with workshops was built, a production hall with an area of 3000m2, chromium, paint shop, compressor room and administrative building. High-performance numerically controlled machine tools were introduced into production. It was a pioneering activity in Western Pomerania.

In 1975, modernized CHB hydraulic cylinders were introduced into serial production, and in the following years, the production of long stroke cylinders was started. Thanks to Finnish devices, chrome plating of long piston rods was started on their own.

On January 1, 1978, the plant in Choszczno was incorporated into the factory, which was involved in the production of bushings, piston rods for long cylinders and piston diameters above O180.

In the years 1981-85, construction documentation was prepared and prototypes of variable capacity double pumps were made with the sum regulation according to the principle of constant power and constant performance hydraulic motors for excavators. In those years, the position of the general manager of FMB was Mr. Stanisław Oczkowski.

Przedsiębiorstwo Państwowe Fabryka Maszyn Budowlanych Bumar-Hydroma with its registered office in Szczecin was transformed into a State-owned joint stock company on 18 February 1995 by a notarial deed of Repertory A No. 1912/95.

On April 29, 1995, Bumar-Hydroma S.A. Building Machinery Factory was entered in the Commercial Register of the District Court in Szczecin in Section B under the number 4480. Mr. Leopold Sześciło, who managed the company until June 17, 1997, became the company’s president.

From June 17, 1997, the chairman of the company was taken over by Mieczysław Rozemberg.

By virtue of a notarial deed of 27 December 1995 for Repertory 7745/95, 46.200 shares of the Company were brought by the State Treasury to the VII National Investment Fund of them. Casimir the Great. In accordance with the Act on National Investment Funds and their privatization, 20,982 shares were transferred to eligible employees.

Until 2003, the State Treasury was the majority shareholder of the company.

Currently FMB Bumar Hydroma S.A. is a private company with Polish capital.