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Construction Machinery Factory - Joint-Stock Company Bumar Hydroma is one of the oldest enterprises in Szczecin. We have been on the market incessantly since 1947. The position of the leading manufacturer in the area of hydraulics, based on over sixty years of experience in the branch guarantees the highest manufacturing quality, whereas flexible approach towards market needs allowed us to develop a full product line meeting clients requirements.

Cylinders and hydraulic pumps produced by Construction Machinery Factory - Joint-Stock Company Hydroma, are characterized by modern solutions, construction and production technology, which ensure reliability and durability.

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FMB Bumar - Hydroma SA
ul. Santocka 44
71-071 Szczecin
NIP: 852-060-01-53
Regon: 810724 596

tel. +48 91 43 23 730
fax. +48 91 48 56 062
Solidna Firma 2008
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